Make the pizza served at at Jean-Georges’ Tin Building at home

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s newest venture, the Tin Building in New York City, which he calls “a dream come true,” is full of culinary wonders

With around a dozen eateries within one space, it could be hard to decide what to order. Luckily, Vongerichten shared his recommendations with USA TODAY. Among them is the Limone pizza at Frenchman’s Dough, one of the full-service restaurants in the Tin Building.

“This has to be one of my favorite dishes at Tin Building. After many experiments, we finally found the perfect recipe,” Vongerichten says. “Tartness from the Meyer lemon, the saltiness of the preserved lemon mixed with creaminess from the cheese and a slight char from the dough, what more do you want!”

Visiting NYC soon? The best dishes to try at the Tin Building, according to chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten himself

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